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 General Info

Warcraft ( Major Requirements

Have you ever had the feeling where, you think you're SO PRO at Warcraft III, that you wish you could just MAJOR in it?

Here is a possible course plan, of the Warcraft III Major Requirements. These correspond to UCLA courses.

Warcraft III  Major Requirements

Freshman Year
WC 1: Introduction to Warcraft: Units and Structures
HIST 2B: Social Knowledge and Social Power
MATH 31A: Differential Calculus

WC 2: Introduction to Warcraft: Basic Strategies
HIST 20: World History to A.D. 600
MATH 31B: Integration and Infinite Series

WC 13: RacesWC 30A: WC Strategy Units
CS 31: Intro to Computer Science I
MATH 32A: Multivariable Calculus

Sophomore Year
WC 18: Game Styles
WC 30B: WC Strategy Formation
CS 32: Intro to Computer Science II
MATH 32B: Multivariable Calculus

WC 30C: WC Strategy Multiplayer
WC 80A: Map Editor: Standard maps
MATH 33A: Linear Algebra

MATH 33B: Differential Equations
WC 80B: Map Editor: Campaigns/Scenarios
WC 80BL: WC Map Editor Lab

Junior Year
WC 120: Unit Analysis
HIST 101: Topics in World History
MATH 115A: Linear Algebra
CS 33: Intro to Computer Organization

WC 145: Username Analysis
HIST 111C: Topics in Middle Eastern History
MATH 167: Mathematical Game Theory
CS 161: Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

WC 151: Historical Analysis
HIST 116A: Byzantine History
CS 180: Introduction to Algorithms and Complexity

Senior Year
WC 160: WC Logic Design
WC 160L: WC Logic Design Lab 
HIST 180C: Science and Technology in 20th century

WC 191: Psychological Analysis
WC 148: Hacks and Glitches
WC 130A: Competitive Gameplay I

WC 130B: Competitive Gameplay II
WC 130C: Tournament Protocol

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