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Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne |
Screenshots from other sources

These screenshots are not authored by, but was collected from other sources. Credit is given appropriately.

WC3 DOTA Screenshots

Name and Link Description Credit
Two heroes!? A bug in version 6.13 allowed more than 1 hero to be picked if -random was typed very quickly.
Chen's Army A bug in version 6.17 that allowed Chen to have more than the limit of dominated creeps.
Icefrog Left Icefrog has left the game. Not sure if this is real or not, but apparently his record was 6-1 and he left after his death.
Impale-Chrono A very interesting coincedence, when the enemy is impaled and a chronosphere is cast over while he is still in the air, it will stay stuck at the top of the chronosphere, invulnerable. Sad to say, this is actaully a bad idea since the Ogre Magi in this picture cannot be killed.
Tiny's Wrath Tiny shows who's king when wielding Black King Bar. His avatar size rivals that of Roshan.

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