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Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne |

WC3 Ladder Screenshots

(#) indicates screenshot number for archiving purposes

Name and Link Description
Knight in Shining Armor Many human players use the Paladin's devotion aura + Priest's Inner Fire along with Knights for massive tanking.
Mass Auras In multiplayer games, auras are very essential to stat boosting. Look at the auras on this Furbolg.
Don't Lag Don't Lag! This is a result of what happens when you lag.
Wrong Place! Building your Great Hall near a Goblin shop isn't quite the wisest idea.

Everybody makes mistakes. 

Tauren Tauren This is a small mistake. The way Tauren is written twice makes one believe Tauren is a subtype of Tauren. Perhaps the next patch will fix it.
Banshee, anyone? The Banshee steals two mountain giants. Since mountain giants cost just as much as a hero, and Banshees cannot target Air, this is economically the best possible unit to possess.
No Icon!? A bug found in the chat channels, the standard ladder icon disappeared for that moment and was replaced by a frozen throne icon.
The Ideal Record 100% for all races. Sometimes, sample size doesn't matter!
100% Tech Percent Must have been a super long game.
(10)Mortar Pwnage Although humans are the least popular race, humans in multiples can be extremely deadly.
Asian FOB Hilarious screenshot! His grammar was just unpassable. Look at his username! Why don't you play on the Asia server?
10K+ Games! I've browsed through ladder many times, and out of all, this person has played the most games I've seen. Email me if you find an account with even more games.
Kalimdor Realm Koreans have dominated the scene; even the Asia server's language is now Korean.
Building a main? No way! A really sad screenshot; the frost wyrm stops a Main buildling from constructing.
All races Mirror Match The first time I've seen a mirror match that included one of every race.
Wannabe Korean Isospeedrix's Profile mimicks that of a Korean Pro.
Double Frenzy Unholy Frenzy combined with Bloodlust leads to ultimate devastation...not to mention Endurance Aura.
Fliers Galore! The map Hurricane Isle is an air map; this leads to some eventful air battles. [Coming Soon!]
Double Frenzy 2 Like the first frenzy screenshot, this is one on a frost wyrm. Frosties have very slow attack speeds (Once every three seconds, or if you will: 1/3 Hertz). Adding unholy frenzy and bloodlust makes the wyrm deal out more than twice the amount of damage.
(20) Alt QQ Reveals Map
Screen 1 | Screen 2
Isospeedrix decided to play a prank in 4v4 Random Team. He types to the opponent "Alt QQ Reveals map", when in fact, it actually causes you to exit the game. (Alt Q brings up the Menu, and Q = Quit). Here are screenshots where he says this, causing one person to leave, which in turn, causes their entire team to leave for a sweet and quick, and very cheap victory. Then again, the map is hurricane isle, which many people prefer not to play on anyway.
7500 WINS!? Noone has ever come to a record so flawless. Obviously this account shows that account hacking is definitely possible. So before you brag about your percentage, you're no match for this!
Basketball AT Team Basketball fans are going to love this AT Team.
Question mark Race? This is a rare occasion but it seems that couldn't keep track of the race of a player in a Random Team game. Perhaps that person disconnected before the information was tracked down. Nevertheless, question mark doesn't mean random!
Jerking Off Sometimes the load time can get quite long for some people who have slow computers. Sometimes people find the time to Jerk off during the load time, using the precious minutes to the max.
Don't Lag #2 A second round of what happens when you lag. Apparantly people like to spam typing, thinking that this will cause the lagger to lag even more.
Rank #1 in all AT catagories This guy is quite insane; he is ranked not only #1 in all three AT catagories but also ranked in Solo, FFA, and RT. If you take a look at his AT partners however, they use a very cheap strategy: Lose a lot of games on purpose to get an extremely low percentage, then will match you up against easier opponents and then you can win a bunch in a row, leading to quick leveling. The easiest way to prove this is look at the "Heroes used: 0: wins: 2 Losses: 45" which means that he forfeited right when the game started.
That's alot of @#$% Chims! This 4v4 RT happened to be a team of four Night Elf players, two of which massed Chimeras. It's very rare to see a team of Four Night Elf in RT, so fighting and playing them is a special treat.
That's alot of @#$% Wards! This was in a 2v2 RT match versus Dual Orc. 
(30) 4 Hour game!? Several RT games, the opponents mess around by playing hide and seek, in other words, spamming main buildings around the map, preventing the other team from eliminating them. Night elves usually have the advantage of this, because they can use their tree of life and eat trees into deep forest, where units have much less field of vision.
Blizzard Admin sets Authority Another example of a name spoof, this one looks particularly interesting. He was quite rude, so to say. "Have Nice Day" doesn't look too convincing either.
Rank 10 AT Team Strats Isospeedrix, Nubifiedbynubs, and Stormassassin was a rank 10 3v3 AT Team. Here they are discussing strategies before the game. In particular, they are deciding what first hero Human should get: Archmage, or someone else? Blood Mage, perhaps?
Same Score It's quite rare to have the exact same score, but different scores in different categories. 
Hottie on Warcraft!
Screen 1 | Screen 2
What a nice username. Too bad it may lead to some unwanted attention. The screenshots speak for itself.
Observer Game Occasionally you would see in Custom games " 1v1 OBS". These games are 1v1 standard ladder maps, but they don't' count in your record, and they can have many observers, so it's fun to watch two people duke it out. The coolest part is that, if you think you can take one of them by watching him the first time, then you can challenge him the next round (the next hosted game).
Checking Lunar Channel Isospeedrix, Nubifiedbynubs, and Stormassassin check the Lunar channel (Clan LNR) to make sure they are not searching a game. Being matched up against them is suicide, as they are a clan full of deadly Night Elf users.
TRIPLE AOE One of the most ownage and beautiful screenshots. This shows Blizzard, Flame Strike, and Rain of Fire, all AOE (Area of Effect) spells simultaneously cast. There is so much animation that you you can't even see the opponent's teleported army anymore! Anything under that is sure to burn to death, including an ally's tauren hah!
Mass Faerie Dragons Coming Soon!
"Garg" strat Coming Soon!
18 Hero Kills Coming Soon!

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