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Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne |

WC3 DOTA Screenshots Page 2

Name and Link Description
Chicken Manta This is a test in single player - - it's pretty cool to see a mere chicken do these tricks! Try equipping a chicken with Soul Booster, Dagon, Manta Style, Aegis of the Immortal, and Necronomicon in a real game! It can get kills!
Push Hard! The enemy team is dead! Now's the chance to push push push!
Sand King Farming Caustic finale, combined with battle fury and radience works together for a huge AOE farming capibility.
Caster Sniper Strange Item build... see for yourself.
(#40) Toooo Pro! People get very snobby and overconfident sometimes.
Night Stalker - Max Movespeed Balanar is a marathon runner in the night. Combined with Spiritbreaker's aura and equipped with Sange and Yasha, he easily maxes out his movespeed at 522.
Banlist in Action A Korean player on the US East server gets banned. Notice his somewhat fobby name.. "hi my name is mixluck" just imagine it. Correct grammar might be "Mixed Luck" but "mixluck" just sounds quite foreign.
Nice Name #2 You've seen Krobelus, now this one is Lina. However, if you look closely, his username is actaully Iina (with a capital i)
Faceless Void Build #1 Faceless void has one of the best combination of passive abilities in the game-- bash and evasion. This sets up a good potential permastun, and does a better job than Slardar because he is agility based. This is a very successful item build.
Faceless Void Build #2 A more expensive version, this is perhaps the absolute perfect item build. With three butterflies, his chance of getting hit is (0.75)^3 = 42% which is 58% evasion. With an enormous amount of attack speed and two bashers, it looks like an easy gg.
Chronosphere the Fountain! The fountain, (what used to be the fire bush), is one of the strongest weapons in the game. It shoots nearly 200 chaos damage at a cooldown of about 0.1 second. The fountain is a great place to ambush heroes that just revived... but you need a way to stop it! 
Noob Shot, Take 2 It's not uncommon you see noobs who leave after they died to first blood. This one was especially notable since he called the killer a "hacker". Hah. Hah.
The fliers Viper and Visage are the two fliers in the game. Although they have flying models, they are considered ground units, as they can't fly over trees and can be hit by ground (of course.) Notice how the ring of basilius aura is raised above. Imagine standing under an aura!
ROBO TINKER If Tinker wields a black king bar, and uses avatar, he will turn not into a bigger version, but turn into ROBO TINKER. Beware! Too bad he doesn't have Demolish (3.25x damage to buildings).
(#50) Nerubian Weaver Rapier Nerubian Weaver is one of the worst heroes in the game as far as stat growth and wasted moves are concerned. More specifically, he ranks second to last in stat growth; "Watcher" is a useless move, and his ultimate is pretty much strictly worse than a heal. However, his windwalk can be abused as it gives him an easily replenishable source of escape. This allows him to go straight for Divine Rapier and stay safe!
Mass Auras #2 Bradwarden, the Centaur Warchief racks up a load of status effects. There may be a limit to how many status effects are shown in the profile field, so perhaps he may have even more than what you see here.
Nerubian Assassin... Revealed or Invisible? The bloodseeker casts the spell that allows it to see a hero that is below 50% health. However, it seems that that move doesn't have true sight, because when the Nerubian Assassin used Vendetta (Windwalk) it became invisible.
Quadruple Kill Instances like these occur every now and then. A stealth assassin gets a racked up quad kill with Battlefury, which grants splash damage. Notice how the text of the kills are consecutive, meaning that heroes died very close together.
Poison Nova- I Live! The Venomancer's poison nova cannot kill an opponent, but drop them to critical health. Here is a screenshot where the Queen of Pain blinks out of battle in critical condition from poison nova, to barely escape the the tide of war and return to safety.
Banlist in Action Nowadays, to prevent leavers, hosts use a program called "Banlist" that keeps track of leavers, and also can be used to determine a user's country location and Ping.
Chen, Omni, RogueKnights! Can defense and pushing power get any better? The wrath of the Holy, Omni, and Rogueknights falls upon the scourge. Watch the corresponding replay at!
Enchantress Blademail Many intelligence heroes will show spikes coming out of them (usually heroes riding an animal, such as Leshrac and Luna Moonfang) if they wield a Scepter. However, here, we see the Enchantress with spikes, by wielding just a blademail!
Dagon Chicken 1
Screen 1 | Screen 2
Isospeedrix has been playing DOTA for quite some time, so once in awhile he decides he wants to try something funny. He decides nothing can be more satisfying than getting a kill with a chicken. These screenshots show the execution. Note that this is his very first time!
(#60) The Dagon Chicken Saga! After the success the first time around, Isospeedrix decides to try once again, this time in an Inhouse game. The events that happened in this Saga are so filled with "Play of the Year" material, that it has a section of its own. Enjoy.
Username Color Hack
Screen 1 | Screen 2
Once in awhile you'll see a username with a different color than its default color (gray). This can be easily done with a "Name Spoofer."
Nice Name #3
Screen 1 | Screen 2
Another case where a username is modeled after a DOTA character. When this happens you'd expect that player to do well with that character! As expected, in this screenshot Bloodseeker goes 8-0 (eventually 21-0) in this game. Live up to your name!
Morphling Necronomicon Army The pre 6.32 Morphling had an ultimate that changed its attribute type (essentially creating another hero), thus refreshing all cooldowns. This was not intended, but this allowed Morphling to conjure up a sizable Necronomicon army in pre 6.27b versions (the refresher was fixed in this version). Some people claim this is game breaking; it is decent for a push but really doesn't impact the game as much as it is hyped up to be, because the summons do not last very long, and the cooldown and mana cost to refresh is high enough that it will not influence gameplay greatly. Although abuse is rare, it was removed mainly for the sake of flavor reasons; it was not intended to be a replica of Tinker's Rearm.
Mass Auras #3 Lycan with a whole mass load of auras. In this case we can deduce that the auras have overflowed the profile box. How? Because we know that Ring of Basilius grants devotion AND brilliance aura, yet we don't see brilliance aura on there. What takes priority is still unsure of.
College 24 hour DOTA Those of you who are still in high school... ever find your self restrained because your parents won't let you play DOTA? Ever not find enough time to play because of too much homework and class? Well, here someone sure is pissed off because he can't play DOTA because his mom will catch him. Therefore, when you get to college, no restrictions, no worries! Play 24/7!
Banlist in Action #2 Gets to the point where there are premade messages written to the public. Watch, soon enough the host doesn't have to do anything anymore- the banlist will type -ar and -sm for you too.
Username Color Hack #2 $$$ Another example of a name spoofer.
(#70) Dota = gay name This screenshot is hilarious. Look how the username "dotadotad.o.t.a." got kicked. Notice the comments. A good rule of thumb is- any username with "dota", "pro", "noob", or "pwnage" in it, is probably a leaver, a noob, or very annoying, and deserves to be kicked.
Faughter Not everyone on Lordaeron (US West) speaks perfect english.
First Blood! (has left the game) Nothing new. Multiple instances of these cause people to stop playing public games. They also cause rise to increasing amounts of banlists.
Yes/No? Not everyone is familiar with DOTA in respects either.
Rexxar cuts through Trees
Screen 1 | Screen 2
These screenshots were taken from a replay that was posted in the Forums. Credits to "1-800-AM-A-NOOB". This player decided to mess around, and use Rexxar's Wild Axes to cut through a long path in the trees, and tunnel all the way to the Scourge base! The first screenshot shows a group of heroes that made their way into the Scourge Circle of Powers! The second shows the heroes on the upper right corner. Notice the comments: "SHIT. WE STUC. FUCK."
Romance of Three Kingdoms Isospeedrix always sees numerous games titled "..." or "3.7d..." with map title something close to "utv3.[7]b" so he decides to check it out. Turns out it's some EXTREMELY CRAPPIFIED version of DOTA. He went to the forums and asked about it, and apparently it is a Taiwan version of DOTA that is quite popular. Clearly, DOTA is superior... but there has to be some reasons why people play it. The game is called Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and has ties to history. Perhaps you should try this game someday!
Spaz plays Dota Spaz, once the number one Ladder player for FFA (Free for All), has finally converted into playing DOTA!
The True Advantage of Death Ward Version 6.29b made Witch Doctor's Death Ward invulnerable, making it a perfect way to kill heroes at the fountain. Here Isospeedrix exploits this by finishing off free kills of leaver heroes.
Solo First Blood/ Double Kill! ... has left the game...Not techies! Some heroes have a strong advantage early game, due to area of effect nukes. Here Morphling exploits this by disposing both opposing heroes in a  solo lane, and consequently, they got pwnt so badly that one of them left immediately after his death. You'd probably rarely encounter first blood double kills with non-techies heroes.
(#80) eye 2 c bom?? Not everyone who plays DOTA can speak perfect english. Far from it. Try to decipher what he's trying to say.

This translates into:
"We need wards to see Techies' Mines."

col.warrick Sometimes people like to make Alias or impostor usernames of well known players just to see the reaction of public games. Although most people either don't recognize it, the people who do, most of the time are extremely skeptical that it is the real player.
"Open" Username On the other hand, some players like to "spoof" usernames. Here is an example of a username called "Open". A very confusing name, as the Host may have a hard time seeing whether this is a player or an open slot. Nevertheless, it is clear here that Open is a player since "Open has joined the game."
Javacafe comes from Jamaica The Banlist has a way of determining a user's country. Occasionally people like to mess around and just type in a bogus replica of what the Banlist reveals. Here Isospeedrix types "Javacafe comes from Jamaica" since Java is Jamaican coffee, it would make perfect sense. Although not 100% sure, it is funny to think that the Host saw this and kicked him.
PA Shield
Screen 1 | Screen 2
Abbadon, the Lord of Avernus, recently buffed in 6.33, casts an Aphotic Shield on Phantom Assassin. Since she really has no visable hero icon on the full map, the shield looks incredibly cool on her, although it does give away her presence.
Haunt = Map Hack Ever since 6.33 was released, people have been complaining about the imbalance of Mercurial, the Spectre. Her ultimate sends illusions to all enemy heroes, giving visibility of them. In some fashion, this can be seen as a Maphack.
Spectre Leave Consequently, some people got so fed up with Spectre that people will leave automatically if someone chooses her. This screenshot shows a guy leaving because someone on HIS TEAM choose Spectre, resulting in everyone's leave and a Remake of the game.
No Spectre It has got to the point where Hosts would host games that didn't allow Spectre to be chosen.
SameHero - Techies!
Screen 1 | (#90) Screen 2
6.33 also introduced a new mode- SameHero (-sh). The host chooses a hero, and all players will be given that hero. Here the chosen hero is Goblin Techies... and is quite crazy in the beginning, and hilarious too, but really dulls out near the end.
4 levels gained from Mines! Venomancer was in the vicinity when Techies activated his remote mines, killing FOUR heroes at once. Since no other hero was in the scene of death, Venomancer took all the experience and gained FOUR levels (as you can see from the skill points)!
Zeus gets Free Kills If you never thought of it, when the opposing team has early leavers (such as heroes below level 7), they can be free fodder for Zeus' ultimate, and there really isn't' anything you can do about feeding Zeus unless you sacrifice some gold to boost the leavers' HP. Here, Wacarnold (Gray) is Zeus and he's totally racking up the kills, getting at least 2 heroes every single time by using his Ultimate + Refresher combo.
Three Centaurs As if Centaur didn't provide enough tanking power, can you handle THREE? Here a Centaur dominates one Centaur Khan (notice the Endurance Aura) and the other is a Morphling replicate. Both of these are very strong "illusions" as they take plenty of punishment before dying. It would be even funnier to toss in a Manta style to the bunch.
You can't lose! Goblin Techies mines the Throne relentlessly, preventing the opponent from destroying it, even if they backdoor. Techies is very important for preventing a team from losing because late game he can stop huge threats and greatly impede pushes, allowing the rest of the team to push and not have to worry about defense.
DTOA Have you ever played a game of DTOA?
150000 HP Pudge This is what happens when you leave your computer afk for several hours. At this point even the throne is in 1-Hit KO range.
LEAVE NOW Several people believe Ladder is much more skill intensive and micro intensive than DOTA because you control an entire army rather than just a single hero. Therefore they look down upon DOTA. Here Isospeedrix's AT partners tell him to "LEAVE NOW" to AT (Arranged Team).
ULTRA MARCH of the Machines I bet you've never seen this much goblins in your life. This is -wtf mode Tinker in action.
Tiny Attack Speed Stacked with 3 Hyperstones and a Mask of Madness, Tiny's massive base damage and despite a pitiful 25 agility, is good game for anyone.
(#100) Aphotic Centaur Can anyone say, HUGE? That shield is bigger than Pudge's entire body, and we thought he was fat enough.

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