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Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne |

Maps Downloads

Although you can download the map just by joining the game, it is much slower to download from the host, and many hosts boot downloaders. Ibaam provides you with a few of the most popular maps.

More will be added as new maps become popular, new versions are released, or, by popular request (so yes, you may email me if you want a map posted, if, say, your friend who doesn't have the map keeps getting booted.)

Map Description Rating
DOTA Because versions keep releasing so quickly, the link here will take you to the official map database; you can download the latest version there. *****
Footmen Frenzy 3.8 Probably the second most popular UMS game after DotA, this was derived and inspired by the Starcraft game Zergling Blood. The worst loading time UMS out of all maps so far. *****
Footmen Frenzy 3.9 This updated version of footmen frenzy is much more unbalanced; in fact, all versions beyond 3.8 have far too many imbalances. There are new heroes, and they gain levels like they are on crack. A hero can go into someone's base, cast Starfall, and watch their levels go up one by one every second. However, the gameplay is extremely fun and crazy, and by far the best feature: MUCH FASTER LOADING time! ****
Footmen Frenzy 4.0 This version of FF is based upon the version 3.8 counterpart. Does not contain imbalances. *****
Green TD (Tower Defense) A popular TD, but may not be the best one, as there are tons of TD maps out there. ***
Hell TD v1.15 An extremely fun TD because money rushes in very quickly. The fatal drawback is that it is very noob unfriendly because he wouldn't know where to build the towers, since the creep's walking path is unclear. ****
Lasers and Rockets TD v0995 Another popular TD, this one has a very modern look. The downside to this TD is that there is a set protocol to successfully defeat this. This leaves no room for variation. TD's that require a protocol get boring very quickly because you do the same thing every game. The best attribute is the aesthetically pleasing tower models. ***
Massacre TD Platinum This TD spawns an extra amount of creep for more kills. ****
Zoator Survivor TD Final A special TD where you can hurt your opponents such as, stealing their gold. This TD is relatively difficult and takes some getting used to. ***
Hero Line Wars V 9.3a This version is a standard horizontal line wars but not the best version; see below. **
Hero Line Wars Remix V 9.3 A modified version (horizontal), this one is much better. *****
Hero Line War Remix 4T Test Beta The vertical version; this one is also very nice, but can possibly stalemate as there are weapons that do 200K damage. *****
Line Tower Wars SPEED v 1.0 The most popular Tower Wars map, this, hence the name, goes extremely fast as players get eliminated quickly due to 10 second income. ****
Line Tower Wars Chronicles Minus the speed, this version separates the air and ground units, so the host can declare "no air" and it would be easy for players to distinguish the air and ground units. Just note that purely ground summons result in much longer games, and can often result in stalemate. There are some unfinished features in this version. ****
Tower Wars 1.5 The CLASSIC Tower wars with no speed or Line formation. Probably the most fun, as it gives you breathing space unlike the SPEED version. This version also can be played in Teams, where one member can focus on summoning while another can defend. It isn't nearly as hard to get eliminated. *****
Tower Wars 1.9 A modified version of 1.5, it is actually much different, as the tower models and upgrading ladder is somewhat changed. The 1.5 version is much better. ***
Element TD 2.0 A very aesthetically pleasing, and fun TD based on 6 elements that can be combined. This is a single spawning TD, that is, creep do not go into your allies towers. *****
Megaman Maul 5.0 A self spawning and team TD, this one is quite popular and is beatable. ****
Burbenog TD v 2.32 This TD requires intense amount of teamwork; has only 4 players, lasts extremely long, but is also very fun. ****
Defense of the Ancients v 2.9 Old School. (for Reign of Chaos) ****

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