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Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne |

Warcraft III is currently Blizzard's top game right now, along with its RPG counterpart World of Warcraft.

Ibaam covers strategies regarding the use map settings game DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) and standard ladder. Below are screenshots that you would enjoy. Now serving over 120 quality screenshots! They are listed in chronological order, so you may seem some very old school stuff!


4/3/07 - Version 6.43b. Added 8 DOTA Screenshots, including a 3rd page.
11/18/06- Version 6.38b. Been awhile, added 10 Ladder and 3 DOTA screenshots.
7/21/06- Version 6.34. Added 5 DOTA Screenshots and 11 Ladder screenshots.
6/5/06- New version 6.33. Added 14 DOTA screenshots.
4/24/06- Sorry for hiatus. To compensate, added 16 DOTA screenshots. V6.32.
3/16/06- Added 23 DOTA Screenshots, including the UNSURPASSABLE DAGON CHICKEN SAGA. MUST SEE!
3/11/06- Added 6 Ladder and 3 Dota replays (Norematch)
2/26/06- Extensively updated Hero & Stat Analysis and Hero Analysis: Beginner's Guide sections.
2/11/06- Added 4 DOTA Screenshots.
1/20/06- Added 5 DOTA and 6 Ladder Screenshots!
1/15/06- Added 4 Maps and 8 Replays! Replays are now moved to
12/25/05- Merry Christmas. Added a whopping 15 DOTA screenshots (5 from other sources),  2 ladder screenshots, and 6 replays. This page was getting too long so new screenshots are finally moved to another page.
11/22/05- Added 1 WC3, 4 DOTA, 1 UMS screenshot.
10/23/05- Added Replays section and updated Maps section.
10/2/05 - Added 4 DOTA Screenshots. Replays coming soon. Screenshots will soon be moved to a separate page.
9/23/05 - Added Cracks section
8/19/05- Added "Hero & Stat Analysis" Section.
9/3/05- Added 8 Dota, 1 WC3, 1 UMS screenshot! Chicken Saga updated. As this page continues to grow, screenshots will soon be exported to a separate page. A new "Hacks, Bugs, Glitches" section will be made, containing screenshots concerning bugs etc.
8/16/05- Added "Hero Analysis: Beginner's Guide" and "Vocabulary" section.
8/6/05: Added "Resources" section. Hero Stat Analysis (will be changed to Hero & Stat Analysis) is being revised heavily to include many other DotA "Basics" that some people may find extremely useful. Expect it to be up within a week.
7/23/05: Version 6.12b, added Banshee screenshot, added MAPS Downloads section. Many description changes. Resources and Replays coming soon!
7/18/05: Version 6.11, added 2 DOTA, 2 UMS screenshots; next update will guarantee new section, either maps or replays.
7/10/05: Version 6.10, added DOTA: ROSHAN RARE ITEM, 5v1, and TaurenTauren screenshot.
7/6/05: Added Hero Stat Analysis, added "Super-size Me" and note on "Furion: Furious to Win"
6/31/05: Added DOTA: CHICKEN SAGA
6/23/05: Added 3 DOTA, 1 WC3, 1 UMS screenshot.
6/15/05: Added 1 DOTA screenshot, 2 other UMS screenshots
5/21/05: Added more screenshots, updated to version 6.08
3/15/05: Added WC3 screenshots
2/3/05: Added more screenshots, added Torrent section

WC3 Screenshots

Name and Link Description
Mass Auras In multiplayer games, auras are very essential to stat boosting. Look at the auras on this Furbolg.
Don't Lag Don't Lag! This is a result of what happens when you lag.
Wrong Place! Building your Great Hall near a Goblin shop isn't quite the wisest idea.

Everybody makes mistakes. 

Tauren Tauren This is a small mistake. The way Tauren is written twice makes one believe Tauren is a subtype of Tauren. Perhaps the next patch will fix it.
Banshee, anyone? The Banshee steals two mountain giants. Since mountain giants cost just as much as a hero, and Banshees cannot target Air, this is economically the best possible unit to possess.
No Icon!? A bug found in the chat channels, the standard ladder icon disappeared for that moment and was replaced by a frozen throne icon.
More Ladder Screenshots Click to see more screenshots!

DOTA Screenshots

Name and Link Description
The Bone Fletcher Occasionally, a hero may be fed so well that he is virtually unstoppable. These are worthy of screenshots; many players post screenshots of "stacked" heroes in their signature in the forums.
Gondar This is Isospeedrix's best item build with the Bounty Hunter; 2 burizas and a rapier.
Gondar IN ACTION This is one of the most dramatic screenshots. It shows Gondar in action killing the opposing team. However, right after he killed Lina Inverse, he actually died due to her Scepter'd Laguna Blade and Light Strike Array. This screenshot captures Gondar at the brink of death. Other noticeable features include the 1100 damage critical hit and the number of kills he has.
Naix Getting Owned This is naix (on the sentinel side), getting owned by his very own kind. Ghoul creep surrounds him, trapping him, leaving him no choice but to attempt to leech life. 

Naix was killed by the Scourge.

Lucifer's DOOM This picture shows the power of Lucifer (Doombringer) 's DOOM Ultimate spell. IN this screenshot, there is an arrow pointing to a player using the Stealth Assassin (SA) with 20 kills, 0 deaths, until DOOM is cast on him, ruining his undefeated record.

Doom was heavily nerfed in V 6.12b.

Huge Ice Cube Just an amusing picture, this is Rylai Crestfall (Crystal Maiden) casting frostbite on an Ancient Hydra in a SC (super creep) game. The block of ice is gargantuan.
Super-Size Me The old version of Doombringer was the Pit Lord, one big slow lumbering hulk. Equipped with Black King Bar, activating avatar makes him ridiculously gargantuan; haven't seen a bigger hero as of yet.
5k HP Few characters can get to 5000+ HP, but Pudge 2.0 can manage quite easily. With dual heart of tarrasque, Pudge is one big flesh heap that's going to take awhile to slaughter.
Super tough Creep Nothing too special here, but note that if both barracks are destroyed, then the opponent's creep will be extremely powerful- look at the damage - its hard to notice because your hero will die so fast if they manage to surround you.
(#10) Super tough Creep II A necromancer on the scourge side, at the moment all sentinel structures were destroyed.
"Cocky" Razor 6.08 A screenshot of the lightning revenant, with a decent record and items. First screenshot from version 6.08, which features a different map background (it's icy now, and more aesthetically pleasing).

A little story about this game: 
It seems that the scourge are completely obliterating the sentinel. However, Razor, overconfident in his "godliness", decided to just play around and kill heroes instead of going for the world tree. What ended up happening is that, Razor killed enough sentinel heroes to make all but Chimon_lee (Chaos Knight- Blue) leave. Note that all the scourge towers were also all taken out, leaving the frozen throne vulnerable. Razor kept taunting and calling the sentinel side "noob", but Chimon_lee gathered up all his heroes on his side (because the players left, he controls them all), and charged straight for the scourge keep. The scourge lost.

So much for razor being so buff.

Trapped Illusion The hero Azwraith, the Phantom Lancer, can create illusions by attacking creep. This is a screenshot of an illusion that was generated between trees! It's stuck, so its rendered useless.
At the Brink of Defeat Featuring the Naga Siren, the very instant I clicked her ultimate sleep move: Song of the Siren, the "Defeat" message came up. However, it is funny to see that her song was in effect even after she was defeated. 
Furion: Furious to win The game was dragging on too long, but the frozen throne was exposed. With not much difficulty, Furion, the prophet, teleported right behind the throne and destroyed it amidst all the creep fighting. You can see that not all the scourge structures were destroyed and that the win was slightly premature.

Note: Some people consider this illegal and some rules dictate that Furion is banned from bypassing creep and attacking structures directly.

Immortal Pudge Pudge spent the entire game, over an hour, doing absolutely nothing except farming. He hasn't engaged in a single fight. The result, is....

Even if he tried to engage in battle, no one would want to anyway. It would be a waste of time.

THE CHICKEN SAGA A classic illustration of accidental success when a bored player decides to screw around. Clicking will direct you to a separate page.
Roshan: RARE ITEM In version 6.10 there was an addition that Roshan has a chance to drop a "rare" item. In this game Roshan dropped an item that uses the "Magic Sentry" icon, but has no tooltip. According to the wielder, he says that it makes him travel faster and yields him vision of Heroes he's attacking (sort of like Gondar's Track). Also, there is a swirling blue aura that surrounds him. The hero is the Paladin, and you can barely see him in the upper right corner underneath the Player stats window.
5v1 DOTA is famous for having tons of leavers that completely ruin the balance of power. This screenshot shows a result of the scourge side where 4 players left, leaving 1 player to do the bidding. Consequently, that one last hero becomes extremely buff, rendering it an awesome hero killer, but no matter what, 5 heroes will always overcome 1 in pushing power. This screenshot shows Azwraith, Phantom Lancer becoming Godlike, while losing towers 8 to 0.
Zone Indicator In versions 6.10 and below, when the host typed -ap or -allpick, it will show several messages "An enemy has chosen zone indicator". This screenshot shows an abuse of this by typing -ap many times. This message was removed in version 6.11.
(#20) "Hacking" This screenshot is pretty hilarious. Someone created the username "Administrator" and decided to go in games and type the message you see in the screenshot. 
"Come and Get Me" The antimage blinks into a "trapped" spot where melee heroes cannot attack him, leaving Gondar disappointed.
"Come and Get Me" II This time, Bradwarden (Centaur) apparently bought a blink dagger, and used it to teleport into a stuck area, leaving Ursa disappointed.
Too many Red! A Manta Naga unleashes hordes of Criticals. Looks like someone is going to get a seizure from too many floating red numbers.
Furion Aura A pusher furion is inflicted with many auras, both buffs and debuffs. Will he escape?
Forums Inconsistency This screenshot is one of the Dota Forums; two threads clash with differing opinions about Necronomicon.
The Moon Key and Sun Key Two mysterious items that Roshan drops, but has no apparant use. Screenshots taken from the forums.
Defeat .. or Victory? A screenshot is not enough to show this situation; there will be a replay posted representing this.

The scourge has taken out the World Tree, resulting in the defeat of the Sentinel and a "Defeat!" screen. However, I let the game run a few more minutes, and the sentinel creep killed the Frozen Throne, resulting in a "Victory!" screen to show up.

Techies 1st Blood Almost always, techies gets the 1st blood via suicide. It's not uncommon for techies to go mid and get a double kill with it.
(#30) Techies Stasis Block Techies groups up stasis wards to block creep; massing a horde of them to unleash them all at once for an insane push. However, version 6.19 fixed this issue, giving wards no collision size.
Nice Name Occasionally you'll see usernames with the same name as their character name. You would probably expect them to do well, or else they're not living up to their name!
Beyond Godlike? Stormassassin's Beyond Godlike streak was broken, but, immediately after, he got a kill and his streak returned, even though the streak count is only at 1.
Chen's Revenge Chen's greatest ability is the power to dominate/possess uber strong creeps. In this screenshot, the enemy just died to a stun from Chen's Centaur Khan. Apparently, he blames the kill on a "neutral" but nope, this is no neutral creep you're dealing with here!
Useless Treants Self Explanatory.
(#35) You Noob! Noobs exist everywhere. Everyone is a noob in the beginning. Here's a prime example, which doesn't even involve battle tactics....

I would have to say, he should ask more nicely.

DOTA Screenshots Page 2 Click to see more screenshots!

Other Custom Game (UMS) Screenshots

Name and Link Description
The Lich KING You don't see these stats everyday. From Hero Line War v 10.
Lag-O-Rama With creeps pumping at this rate from "Speed Line Tower Wars", few computers can maintain their Frames Per Second. The lag at these moments were just.... catastrophic. 
Hero Line REMIX (vertical) If the Warden could do this in a real game...
Hero Line Remix (horizontal) Check out that critical and attack speed!
Hero Line Remix (horizontal) Holy.....Crap....just what kind of stats are these?
5 million Critical From Hero Line remix (vertical). How could anyone survive this?
Footmen Frenzy Voodoo This is an insane screenshot from Footmen Frenzy 3.8, one of the most popular UMS maps after DOTA. Shadow Hunter's ultimate, Big Bad Voodoo, allows all nearby units to become invincible, leading to a swift death for the opponent. This is the face of true horror and utter ownage.

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Special Screenshots
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-DOTA: The Chicken Saga

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Hero Analysis: Beginner's Guide


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