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Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne |


Sometimes you just want to play a game, and just screw around and see what happens. What is life if you follow the same set of rules every single time? This is an illustration of a classic saga, when Warcraft III and DOTA player Isospeedrix got bored and decided to try where no others dared venture.

Isospeedrix always thought that getting a kill from a chicken would just be kickass, and embarrassing for the opponent. He's seen many fake stacked chicken signatures in the Dota forums, but has never seen anyone successfully execute it. He chooses Keeper of the Light to fight on the scourge side, because he can farm easily early game, and has a wisp summon that can be a good support for the chicken.

Note that some of the screenshots are from real time in game, and some are from the replay, for capturing intense moments.

Before we move on, I would like to warn you:



Screenshot Description
Enemy Mines in Shop The enemy has Goblin Techies, and the chicken died the first time around. In this replay screenshot we have full vision, and see the chicken get bombed.
Use a dummy summon This time, Keeper of the Light (KOTL) uses his Wisp to travel to the shop to attempt to absorb mine damage before the chicken goes there.
Furion Senses Danger Furion, a master of nature, senses the danger pending. He decides to teleport right in the back of the scourge base and attempt to kill the chicken immediately, but ultimately fails because the defense is too strong.
Revenge! After being equipped with Soul Booster, Dagon, Boots of Speed, Ring of Basilius, and Chain Mail, the Chicken seeks revenge and gets the last laugh on Furion. Furion thought he could escape by teleporting, but couldn't make it in time. Also note that dagon was executed in enemy Stealth Assassin Smokescreen, which silences. However, silence of all types, does NOT prevent the user from casting Item Spells. (Therefore, Guinsoo would work too!)
Uh Oh! Items Dropped! The Stealth Assassin realizes the situation and quickly disposes of the chicken. Isospeedrix warned his team to pick up items if the chicken dies so Clinks and...
Get the items quick! ...Syllabear hurry to get the items before the enemy can get to it.
Pissed Off Furion (Hilger- Yellow) was pissed at being defeated by a dagon. "You dagoned me you whore"
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Giant Push! The Sentinel attempt a giant push on the top sector.
Viper gets Injured Viper, the netherdrake, picks up some wounds from scourge attacks, and KOTL's full powered illuminate.
Viper Runs- You're not getting away! Clinks tries to finish off Viper but...
7 HP! Rylai saves the day? Rylai Crestfall cubes up Clinks, preventing him from killing Viper...
Hurry Home! ... and disposing of Clinks herself. Rylai now follows Viper closely, with just 36 HP, to prevent any ganks.
Oh No! The Chicken is on the Run! Look closely at the minimap. You see the chicken crossing the river, and Pink (Nerubian Assassin) following closely behind Teal (Viper) which looks like a sure kill for Pink! But...
Rylai stops Nerubian Assassin! Viper is already expecting death- saying "i'm dead" and "hate you nessu"- referring to the player of Pink (Nerubian Assassin). However, Rylai, the trustful bodyguard manages to cube Pink and stop her from killing Viper...
THE CHICKEN HAS ARRIVED Viper... thinking he has finally escaped, realizes the HORROR of the chicken following close behind him, complete with Boots of Travel for pure running speed, and Aegis to prevent death. C'mon, a netherdrake can surely run faster than a mere chicken, can it?
Vaporized! Sorry, but the chicken outruns the hideous netherdrake, and VAPORIZES Viper with NO MERCY.
GET OUT OF MY HOUSE The chicken rejoices at its feat of HUNTING down Viper, which TWO heroes (Bone Clinks and Nerubian Assassin) failed to chase down. Viper dies, yielding Isospeedrix's 10th Kill.

The complete replay for this game will be posted soon! Check back!

No play can top this play. If you think you have a play that can POSSIBLY top this, drop a note in the forums or send an email to

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