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Warcraft III : The Frozen Throne |


*Sometimes you just want to play a game, and just screw around and see what happens. What is life if you follow the same set of rules every single time? This is an illustration of a classic saga, when Warcraft III and DOTA player Pizza_toppings got bored and decided to try something new.

Picture Description
Blocking the Entrance So "Pizza_Toppings" (Venomancer) decided to sell all his items to buy over a dozen chickens. He found a way to utilize them by blocking the path in front of the fountain of health. His partners became aggravated that their heroes couldn't go back to heal, and revived heroes couldn't even get out! So, his response is: "I am the best." 

Eventually, after tons of mighty deliberation, players did find ways to get out of the barrier, such as, Boots of Travel and Scroll of Town Portal. Thus Pizza_toppings decided to try something new...

How about blocking mid? His next idea was to block mid, hoping to create a barrier against his opponents...
Massing Creeps Before he realized quick enough, the sentinel creep were stuck and massing one huge horde... or... concentration camp, if you will, just waiting to get the hell out of there and go overwhelm the scourge already.
Loose! He released the chickens and the sentinel creep just went chaotic. Look at the minimap to see the massive trail of creep eager to massacre the scourge base.
The Wrath of the Sentinel The Sentinel just pawned two heroes. "gg." 
Or, if you will, "ggpwnt nore kthxbye."

Perhaps you can try this strategy someday!

OR NOT .... The new versions disallowed multiple chickens, rendering this strategy no longer valid. Those who were able to do it before it was invalid, props!

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